Coventry Marriages in Illinois and a few in Ohio

Illinois marriages

Illinois State Archives has a database on the Cyberdrive. When I created this table years ago, I used that plus information from my own research on the Richland County Coventry's at the county level

County Groom Bride Date Book Page Certificate no. Grooms Parents Brides Parents Souce
CookA C CoventrySophia MannMay 3 1864939FINK
CookJoseph A CoventryStella SmithDec 10 189300211631archives
CookMoses Graham MillerChristina CoventryDec 25, 188900147688archives
CookJohn JohnsonIsabella CoventrySep 24, 189100172356archives
CookJohn Fitzgerald(Mrs) Margaret B. CoventryOct 26, 188900145640archives
Du PageHenry CoventryMelissa ShreveNov 7 1865B124225archives
HenryJesse E CoventryLinnie LloydJun 27 188910284000032800archives
Mc HenryDavid CoventryIda May SmithSep 12 1871A1044168archives
Mc HenryRemus CoventryAnna Eliza CarveySep 20 18831756188archives
McHenryIra A. AndrewsAdda CoventryNov 23, 1871A1054204archives
MadisonJohn W. CoventryAvaline CharterApr 13 1837006003600000424archives
MaisonJohn W. CoventryCatharine A. HughsSep 29 18576149976archives
MadisonWilliam M. CoventryPriscilla StocktonMar 8 1841006005000000971archives
MadisonAndrew J. MundisCaroline CoventryDec 22, 1859006016600000660archives
MadisonJohn H. CoxElsey Ann CoventryMar 14, 18390006004200000673archives
MadisonBigger J. HeadIndiana CoventryJuly 11, 18330006002600000001archives
MadisonHenry HeadSally CoventryDec 18, 18250006001400000524archives
MercerJames CoventryMattie GarnerApr 12 1883001007000004798archives
MoultrieWilliam GrahamSarah CoventryNov 15, 1892A1144672archives
PeoriaJohn H. HallJannet CoventryMar 16, 1854I3132703archives
RichlandC C CoventryEthel E PageSep 20 1900391129Thomas Coventry
Caroline Treadway
John C. Page
Alice Milburn
archives county court
RichlandHarley CoventryMinnie WortheyDec 24 19063173Samuel Coventry
Charlene Black*
James Worthey
Harriet Lipsene*
archives/ county court
RichlandSamuel S. CoventrySharlotte BlackFeb 17, 1878215032William Coventry
*Elizabeth Slinchicomb
Isreal Black
* Hannah Duss
county court
RichlandWilliam CoventryElizabeth StinchacumFeb 11 18461none listednone listedarchives/ countycourt
RichlandWilliam S CoventryCaroline TredwayOct 7 18742142none listed, but twin of Samuelnone listedarchives/ countycourt
RichlandWilliam Walter CoventryEthel May ChristyMar 14 190038433William Coventry
Caroline Tredway
H. Christy
Rebecca Morrison
achives/ county court
RichlandJohn BartlettJemima CoventryJan 17 18501none listednone listedarchives/ county court
RichlandEdward F. FinnNettie J. CoventryOct 6 18843100129Benjamin M. Finn
Elizabeth Adams
William Coventry
Elizabeth Stincomb
archives/ county court
RichlandEdmond NicholasCharlotte CoventryApr 3 1912426045James D. Nicholas
Rebecca Johnson
Israel Black
Hannah Derr
archives/ county court
RichlandRichard J. WrightEmla A CoventryFeb 13 1870235none listednone listedarchives/ county court
ShelbyAddison CoventryAnnie JohnsonOct 23 18972195archives
ShelbyCharles CoventryLillie Ann KidwellDec 24 1900344archives
ShelbyJohn CoventryLizzie JohnsonJul 23 18962167archives
ShelbyJohn CoventryLillie LiptonMar 17 18861171archives
St. ClairWilliam M CoventryElizabeth LemenJan 18 18482080archives

*NOTE: There are some spelling mistakes in these records. Most are pretty obvious, but in the marriage of Samuel S. Coventry and Sharlotte Black (my line), it should be Charlotte and Samuel's mother's maiden name is Stinchacum and Charlotte's mother's maiden name is Durr. In the marriage of Harley Coventry to Minnie Worthey, Harley's mother is Charlotte, not Charlene. Minnie's mother's maiden name was Lipscomb.

*also, county court info for Richland County was provided by Lloyd Neilson

Ohio marriages:

County Groom Bride Date Book Page License Groom's Parents Bride's Parents Source
HarrisonJames H. CoventryPricilla BarthelowJuly 24 1831FHC Film # 0894637-0894638)
TuscarawasJohn CoventryLydia O'DonnelJan 17 1828FHC # 0890364)
WayneJohn CoventrySusan MeekJuly 8 1830