Coventry Mystery of Mercer County, KY

This page is dedicated to William Coventry of Mercer Co., Kentucky in the 1700's. This man is a mystery and besides me, Candee Hoff is also trying to figure out this man. Below is a series of emails between the 2 of us from 1999!

The email exchange between Candee and myslef

Message 1: Jan 12, 1999 -- From Candee
I am searching for info on a William Coventree/Coventry: Wm. Coventree is the surety bond in 1786, in the marriage agreement of Richard Sinnet and Mary Cates, Benj.Harrison, was the Governor of Virginia at the time their surety bond was posted in Virginia. In Mercer County, Kentucky Richard Sinnett sold land to William Coventry Nov 30 1785, 1789. Richard renews twice. This info was taken from a little red entry book for 1779-1814 Pg 39, 53 located in the Court house.

Message 2: Jan 12, 1999 -- From Erin
Hi. Found another land entry for Wm. and this is what I was thinking of when I said that KY land grants may be on line. So far, I haven't been able to find them and frankly, I'm not even sure how I got this, but I know I got it off line. Here it is:

Grantee: Coventry, William
Acres: 7
Book: 13
Page: 626
Date of Survey: 20 September 1797
County: Mercer

I knew when you said Mercer Co., KY that it looked familiar, this is one of the Coventry people I have looked at in the past to see if there is a connection, but gave up on last year because i couldn't find anything on him. I had to do a little digging in finding this, but I did. Now, again, do you know his son's, grandson's name? where they moved to, etc.? I have a Wm. Coventry in IL and PA in the mid 1800's and I am trying to find where they came from. It is possible that this line went from VA>KY>PA>IL and William appears about 3 times in my line in the 1800s. I know there is an Alexander Coventry, etc. in NY in the 1700s, but something tells me that is not who I'm trying to find. Also, you may want to check out: It is all about Mercer County. I already scouted out the site for coventry with no luck, but it does show the formation of the county. That said, you may want to check for Wm. in some records in VA in the mid/early 1700s in these counties: Fincastle, Kentucky (the county, not the state), and Lincoln Co. (KY). Also, the library of VA has a few books you may to look into: Personal Prob. Tax lists for Merer Co 1787, 1789 and then Legislative Petitions for Kentucky Co 1776-1780, Lincoln Co. 1783-1790, Mercer Co. 1786-1789. The homepage about the VA lib. is:

Message 3: Jan 13, 1999 -- From Candee
ERIN!!!!!!! Thank you for following up on William Coventry--- knew it was a long shot but had to try it.

Okay, lets see if we can put this guy into his place. YES my William Coventry did too come from Virginia. I believe, but can not find it, that it must be a part of Virginia that is now in Kentucky. I have an old marriage bond from him--- here it is:

"Know all men by these presents that we Richard Sinnett and Wm Coventree are
>held firmly bound unto his Excellency Benjamin Harrison Esq. Govenor of
Virginia in the sum of fifty pounds current money to the promise whereof to be
made to the said Govenor & his executors we bind ourselves our heirs,
executors & administrators firmly by these present sealed with our seals and
dated this 20th day of September 1786. The condition of the above obligation
is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended to be solomized
between the above bound Richard Sinnett & Mary Cates for which a licence has
been filed. If therefore there be no lawful cause to obstruct the said
marriage the this obligation to be now or else to remain in full force."
"Sealed & Delivered in presence of Willis Green" Richard Sinnett's mark and
Wm Coventree's signature and seal.

Erin-- now I ask you -- would a complete stranger put up a surety bond? Then to top it off, he follows them to Mercer County!!!

Mercer County Richard sold land to William Coventry Nov 30 1785, 1789. Renews twice. This info was taken from a little red entry book for 1779-1814 Pg 39, 53 located in the Court house.

Then, I have a footnote that says Richard Sinnet left KY and went to Illinois. Illinois is where my family nested. Wayne County Illinois is the final resting place for Henry Sinnett and Nancy Steerman Sinnett, his wife. Also my ggggm- Nancy Jane Sinnett Williamson Clevenger Heritage.-- Busy lady.

The part about Pennsylvania has me perplexed. There is a mention in Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810 Volume 1 >Marriage Record of Christ Church, Philadelphia 1709-1806 1766, Aug. 18, Sinnet, Richard, and Mary Shinn.

This is alittle too early for my Richard Sinnet but not for his father. Suppose Richard Sinnet, jr? and William Coventry are related somehow--- both born in Pennsylvania--- move to Virginia and then to Mercer County, Ky and then to Illinois---- seems kind of coincidental don't you think?

Have often thought that Mary Cates might have been married before she married Richard Sinnet. She applied for land under her own name and was granted 200 acres because she was poor. Now so did Richard Sinnet. Have no proof that William Coventry did either, but it is something to check out. Richard Sinnett was a prosperous man eventually selling 1100 acres in Lincoln County, KY. WOW!!!! However he started out meagerly with 400 acres. This might be the difference between a father and a son holdings????

Erin --- hope I haven't turned you off with all the speculation, but have very little concrete proof of any connection to Richard Sinnet, and William Coventry

Final Thoughts...

This is obviously a lot of info and very confusing, but I have a gut feeling that this William Coventry is related to my line of Coventry from Richland Co., IL. If you think you can help sort out this confusion in any way, please do not hesitate to email me!